More or Less

Bjørn Reinhardt
1 hour and 45 minutes


A film about Nastaca and Grigore, two people living in difficult conditions in Romania.

Nastaca and Grigore have never met, however they are companions in misfortune. With Grigore everything is tiny, the valley he has been living in for 30 years, his house - even he himself is tiny. Nastaca also lives by herself after the death of her brother, in a house that has collapsed many years ago. All her possessions have decayed, nevertheless the people in the village claim she is a wealthy woman. This wealth however consists of worthless certificates or is now in the hands of her nephews. She lives unprotected under the open sky without any external support. Feeling betrayed and taken advantage of by her nephews she demands justice. Her faith is her only refuge - her life is unbearably inhuman. Grigore has more luck. There are people in the vicinity who wants to help.

When Nastaca suddenly dies - abandoned and under the open sky - her nephews appear on the scene. They celebrate a traditional funeral with the curious village community trying to cover up their cruel behaviour. It is alarming and saddening to see these two people living in extreme and awful conditions in the middle of Europe. It is equally startling how Grigore carries his fate with such dignity and humility.