NAFA is run by a working committee elected by the annual meeting, which for the year 2023/24 consists of the following members, each responsible for dedicated tasks:

Peter I. Crawford (Tromsø, Norway): General Secretary, chairman of the film selection committee, and NAFA's representative in CAFFE (

Ralph Veraart (Harghita, Romania): Assistant General Secretary, treasurer, and responsible for the NAFA website and online film collection.

Armina Dinescu (Aarhus, Denmark): Representative for the NAFA newsnet (

Knud Fischer-Møller (Copenhagen, Denmark): Responsible for building up a photo documentation archive of NAFA events and activities.

Orsolya Veraart (Harghita, Romania). Responsible for liaison with NAFA festival organisers, especialy re budgets and logistics.

Åshild Sunde Feyling Thorsen (Bergen University Museum, Norway): Responsible for the NAFA Film Archive and archived documents.

Esme Andrews and Lise Cathrine Sele Røv (both MA students, Tromsø, Norway) are representatives of NAFA Horizons, the new work group for young members of NAFA. Esme and Lise are responsible for NAFA's social media activities.