NAFA is run by a working committee elected by the annual meeting, which for the year 2021/22 consists of the following members, each responsible for dedicated tasks:

Peter I. Crawford (Tromsø, Norway): General Secretary, chairman of the film selection committee, and NAFA's representative in CAFFE (

Ralph Veraart (Harghita, Romania): Assistant General Secretary, treasurer, and responsible for the NAFA website and online film collection.

Anne Chahine (Aarhus, Denmark): Representative for the NAFA newsnet (

Knud Fischer-Møller (Copenhagen, Denmark): Responsible for building up a photo documentation archive of NAFA events and activities.

Orsolya Veraart (Harghita, Romania): Responsible for NAFA's social media activities.

Åshild Sunde Feyling Thorsen (Bergen University Museum, Norway): Responsible for the NAFA Film Archive and archived documents.