NAFA 2023 Annual Meeting

The NAFA 2023 Annual Meeting will take place as part of the 42nd NAFA International Ethnographic International Film Festival in Copenhagen, 24-26 August 2023, Friday 25 August at 2.15 pm at the Department of Anthropology, University of Copenhagen. The agenda is attached. The meeting will be hybrid, members unable to attend the festival can join on Zoom.

Peter I Crawford

General Secretary, 5 August 2023


Job opportunity in Tromsø:

Would you like to work with ethnographic film and visual anthropology, and move to beautiful Tromsø in the Arctic, then we have the right position for you:


Hu Tai-li, doyenne of visual anthropology in Taiwan has passed away, 9 May 2022

Hu Tai-Li had a PhD from City University of New York. She became known in visual anthropology circles worldwide when her numerous ethnographic films about indigenous communities started hitting the ethnographic film festival circuits in the 1990s. She thus participated in many festivals in Europe, such as GIEFF and several times at NAFA, establishing a lasting contact with NAFA over the years. Many a NAFA member has thus been invited to the Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival (TIEFF) of which she was the founding mother and she also, inspired partly by NAFA, was one of the founders of the Taiwan Association of Visual Ethnography. One of her most recent films is ‘Returning Souls’ (2012), which won several prizes. May Hu Tai-li’s own soul rest in peace, now that she sadly will no longer be undertaking film-based fieldwork, something she loved.

Peter I. Crawford, Manchester, 9 May 2022

  One of our honorary members, and a giant of cinema, Colin Young, has passed away at the age of 94. Please see the attached tribute to him.   

Asen Balikci, one of NAFA's first honorary members, has passed away

​I received the sad news that Asen Balikci had quietly passed away in his home in Sofia on the morning of the 4 January on my way to a seminar in northern Cameroon as part of the VISCAM project on visual anthropology. Such an event was truly in the spirit of the pioneer of our subdiscipline, who was the first chairman, in the 1980s, of the Commission on Visual Anthropology (CVA) of the International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (IUAES). He was one of the last remaining giants of early ethnographic film and visual anthropology, and one of NAFA's first honorary members, sadly the first one of these to pass away. He was also a very dear friend to many of us belonging to the more senior segment of visual anthropology, and although he did not travel in recent years, he was one of the most active participants in festivals and conferences all over the world, and his presence at these will be sorely missed. The last time we had the honour of inviting him to present his work at the annual NAFA festival was almost exactly 10 years ago, at the festival in Isafjordur in Iceland, during which Asen took us on a tour de force of his own work with a powerful, enthusiastic focus on that part of his oeuvre for which he is probably and rightfully best known, his amazing Netsilik Eskimo Series. Younger people can google all his tremendous achievements while those of us who knew him well can mourn with the memories of all the wonderful times we had together with him. 

Peter I. Crawford, Douala, January 2019.


NAFA has launched the Journal of Anthropological Films (JAF)

Anthropological film can now be published on par with written articles, assessed by peers, and inscribed in international credential systems of academic publication as the Nordic Anthropological Film Association (NAFA) has launched this Journal of Anthropological Films (JAF). 


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