NAFA membership registration

NAFA Members can log in and watch films in the collection in full length.

  • Regular membership fee: 50 euro per calendar year*
  • Student membership fee: 30 euro per calendar year*
  • Institutional membership fee: 300 euro per calendar year*

* These fees apply from 1st of January 2024.

If you are a student, please click the following link to register:

For regular membership, please click the following link to register:

Please note that an institutional membership gives the right to share login credentials within your institution (whereas regular and student memberships are for individual use only). Please contact us in case you would like to order an institutional membership, so that we can issue an invoice for your institution. Payments are made through regular bank transfer.

Thank you for your interest in NAFA.

NAFA's honorary members: Asen Balikci (✟ 2019), Colette Piault, Colin Young (✟ 2021), David MacDougall, Gary Kildea, Lisbet Holtedahl, and Beate Engelbrecht.