Jørgen Leth on Haiti

Olatz González Abrisketa
51 minutes


Jørgen Leth on Haiti is a documentary about postcolonial relationships and imaginaries.

The camera enters Leth's private home in Haiti, asking the Danish filmmaker about the people who work for him in the house. Together with his testimony, the images from people working in the house, and from Jørgen Leth's films about Haiti, introduce the audience to an inner universe which echoes a collective one, that which usually arises from the anthropological distance: exoticism. Moreover, the film deals with European contradictions when facing up to Others. This issue is specified above all in the director's figure, in her production choices. On the one hand, she consciously assumes Leth's guest role, sharing his position in the house and leaving out others' voices and, on the other, has the feeling of the audience's contempt.


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