Living with Gods

Reni Jasinski Wright
34 minutes


A meeting with two women, their invisible helpers and a business in decline.

Mei-Hua (42) and Zui-Pin (35) are working as actors in a Taiwanese Local Opera troupe in Taipei County, Taiwan. In the 60's and 70's this kind of theatre was very popular. It was, and still is, seen upon as the most "authentic Taiwanese". Now almost nobody comes to watch. -Only the Gods. Mei-Hua and Zui-Pin are worshipping the Earth-God, hoping that this will help them run their business. But still, they face problems when another troupe is stealing appointments from them. As a result of the troubles they face Mei-Hua gets possessed by a spirit "The Golden Mother", who is coming to solve their problems.

A film about Chinese Folk religion in Taiwan. A story about two young women in a traditional business struggling to survive.


Producer / Production company: 
Visual Cultural Studies, The Arctic University of Norway
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