My Home, my heartache

Trude Haugseth
32 minutes

'My Home, My Heartache' is a film about being a woman in the reindeer herding culture, living in between tradition and modernity, but also includes the universal theme of being young and having to choose how to live your life.

Anne Marge (25), is the oldest of four sisters in a Sami reindeer herder family in Northern Sweden. While two of her younger sisters have moved away from the small village, Anne Marge still lives at home, helping her father with the reindeer keeping. Her dream is to be able to stay within the profession of reindeer keeping. But the problem is that reindeer herding today is a job for men...  In the film we get to follow Anne Marge one summer and autumn. We go up in the mountains where they mark reindeer calves and sleep in lavvus, follow Anne Marge to party with her friends and at home. At the same time Anne Marge shares her thoughts, her hopes and doubts about the future. We also get to know Svea, Anne Marges mother, who has been through the same choices in her youth and puts things in perspective.

Producer / Production company: 
Visual Cultural Studies, The Arctic University of Norway
Other keywords: 
Reindeer herding