The Healing of Bali

John Darling
52 minutes

His film presents an intimate insight into traditional and modern Balinese methods of grieving and healing. Among those who tell their own stories in the film are Haji Bambang, one of the heroes of the night of the bombings. Many people died in Haji's arms on the night as he worked tirelessly with a group of friends to save the victims or respectfully cover the dead with white cloth.

A group of six Indonesian women who lost their husbands in the bombings, set up a sewing co-operative to support each other and provide financial security for their children's education in a country where there is no welfare. The film records their sorrow and their strength as they re-build their lives and face an uncertain future together.

As part of the grieving process, many people affected by the bombing visit 'paranormals' to speak again to the deceased and hear of their wishes. A young Australian woman who lost her Indonesian husband in the bombing, discusses the comfort and strength she gained from working with a spirit medium.

These and other stories contribute to make THE HEALING OF BALI a profoundly moving and rewarding documentary that is invaluable in balancing the information available from mainstream media.

"A great teaching weapon ... sure to provoke lively discussion in all sorts of classes. This (film) is about the healing of Indonesia too, and indeed the world. It is expertly crafted and I pay tribute to the power of this film and its expertise." - David Reeve, Inside Indonesia.

"There are moments here when you feel you have been punched in the chest. And you will cry." - Bernard Zuel, Sydney Morning Herald.