Untold Story of Fatma Kayaci

Orhan Tekeoglu
40 minutes

Year 1985. Everybody talks about 16-year-old Ali Kayacı who died by falling into the fire, while staying with his aunt on a mountain pasture at 2,000 metres. Ali’s stepmother, their neighbour Aunt Emine, says that the kid falling victim to this accident was because of Fatma Kayacı’s neglect. After this painful incident, when Fatma hears about the accusations from her relatives and neighbours, she resents them and leaves her village, not to see any of the relatives again. She starts to live in a stone house in the mountains, away from people. She names every tree she plants Ali as if she wants to keep him alive. The surroundings become a forest. 

Producer / Production company: 
Medya Ton Ltd.