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The NAFA International Ethnographic Film Festival has taken place since 1979. For a list of festivals over the years please download the attached PDF file.


The NAFA 2022 event will be held in Romania, in the small village of Cehetel/Csehétfalva in Harghita County in Transylvania 7-11 September.

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The deadline for submission for NAFA2022 is 22 April 2022. 

The 2022 film selection committee consists of:

  • Bata Diallo is a PhD student at the University of Tromsø, Norway. She studied Visual Anthropology in the Department of Social Sciences at the University of Bamako, Mali. This is her second term as member of the selection committee.
  • Linda Jonsen Engbjerg is an anthropologist from Aarhus University (1997), where she managed the NAFA archive for many years, and also holds a master degree in visual anthropology from the Granada Centre at the University of Manchester (1991)
  • Knud Fischer-Møller was trained as an anthropologist at the University of Copenhagen. He has been associated with NAFA since the early 1980s and has served repeatedly as a member of the NAFA film selection committee.
  • Martin Gruber is an ethnographic filmmaker and social anthropologist working at the University of Bremen. His current research concerns the relationship between humans and bees in Germany, Japan and Cameroon.
  • Alaska filmmaker Len Kamerling is Curator of Film at the University of Alaska Museum of the North and Professor of English at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. He has authored more than a dozen films about Alaska Native cultures and indigenous issues.
  • Peter I. Crawford is an anthropologist, publisher ( and filmmaker. He is professor of visual anthropology and head of the Master of Visual Anthropology programme (MVA) at UiT The Arctic University of Norway. He is general secretary of NAFA and the chairman of the NAFA film selection committee.

Please note that if you submit your film online or for download you must ensure that the selection committee has access until the selection is completed, i.e. until end of June 2022. We prefer a password-protected Vimeo-link for the online submissions. Make sure the film has English subtitles or is an English version.

Please also note that films previously submitted to NAFA will not be eligible for selection.

If not submitting an online version, please send by mail 1 copy (or 2 copies) of the film on DVD or a flash drive to:

NAFA2022, c/o Peter I. Crawford, ISV/Anthropology, SVHUM D3008, UiT - The Arctic University of Norway, P.O. Box 6050, Langnes, N-9037 Tromsø, Norway Phone Peter I. Crawford: +47 96953520, e-mail If sending by courier the street address is: Hansine Hansens Veg 18.

English spoken and/or films with English subtitles only accepted for screening
* The NAFA Film Collection presents selected films for educational and non-commercial use, in addition to the films selected for the festival.