A Life with Slate

Dipesh Kharel
59 minutes


Alampu is a beautiful and exceedingly remote village in Nepal. The majority of the settlers there are Thami People, one of the indigenous groups of Nepal.

More than 90 percent have been involved in the slate production at Alampu. This film includes technical details about slate production in the mountainside quarry, and how the slate is worked prior to distribution. In the film we see the social relationships, co-operation between the miners, and the intimacy of the mining families. Strong women perform the tough and arduous work alongside the men. They have to carry heavy slate loads far to sell them. The film also describes the socio-cultural life of the village and its interaction with the environment. The activities of the men and women at the quarry, as well as in the village, have an almost poetic dimension.

Producer / Production company: 
Visual Cultural Studies, The Arctic University of Norway