The Thirst of a Stone Sea

Vladimir Perovic
58 minutes


A film about Cuce, Montenegro - a remote mountain region where the 17th century meets the 21st.

The picturesque mountainous region of Cuce (western Montenegro) is the place where the 21st century met the 17th, where the reality seldom runs surrealistic. Scattered houses built long ago at the slopes of ravines; the lack of drinking water and female newcomers; isolation, solitude and abandonment. Few remaining people live with ancestors' habits and folk customs preserved. Many uncommon characters, impressive images gathered within the frame of four seasons, tell us the story of living in a harsh karsts, at the edge of so called civilization. We testimony both the hardship and the beauty, sadness and dignity, pride and pain of their life... as well as an unexpected and touching cohesion with their harsh, rocky and arid soil. But, the authenticity and the strength of that life are however jeopardized by first announcements of globalization appearing in the remote region.


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