On the Road with Maruch

Florian Walter
43 minutes


This anthropological documentary takes us into the world of indigenous woman Maruch de la Cruz Péres.

Maruch is a 42-year old, unmarried woman from Chiapas who loves traveling in her country to explore other cultures and to learn from them. On account of her biography she has a quite problematic stand in her traditional village Zinacantan on the on hand, but in the other hand, she has to face racism and sexism in Mexican society while she is travelling. Road tripping trough Chiapas with Maruch and the film crew gives an insight in the culture and society of a post-war region. However it is also an intimate portrait of an indigenous woman who is trying to live a self-determined life, that will give her freedom from the traditions of her community, her former husband, and the terror of paramilitary groups.


North America: