Election Fever

Darja Hoenigman
33 minutes

What do elections really mean in a small, isolated village in Papua New Guinea? This observational film focuses on Kanjimei village in East Sepik Province of Papua New Guinea, picking up at the time when outsiders arrive to campaign for candidates in a national election. Disillusioned by governmental neglect, the Awiakay people of Kanjimei follow the enthusiastic campaigners with cynicism and astute observations about PNG politics and politicians.

Watching ‘Election Fever’ we’re confronted with the reality of what villagers understand of the democratic process, and the many details of how voting is actually carried out in a remote location where literacy and a familiarity with the electoral process cannot be taken for granted. We get to see how people interpret the ‘outside world’ through the prism of their own world view, and catch a cameo of the election process with its problems and merits ... until “it all gets back to normal”.

Producer / Production company: 
Darja Hoenigman
Other keywords: 
East Sepik