Tobacco, Truths and Rummikub

Steef Meyknecht
1 hour and 33 minutes

For over a year, in 2009- 2010, Steef Meyknecht followed four stories out of the neighborhood of Nieuwland, Schiedam, The Netherlands: The sixth form of the Islamic primary school Ababil, Riet's Rummikub club, Uli's tobacco store and Ferry, the local policeman. Together the stories form a meaningful portrait of this deprived urban area. Social and political issues take on a human face. Ms Kevser Ŏzen prepares her class for the entrance exam. The Dutch language is a big hindrance. Tobacco shop owner Uli Schenkers is trying to make his dream come true: his own tobacco shop. Kids like to hang out at Uli's and elderly people feel at home in the shop. At Riet's Rummikub club, the elderly ladies talk about their lives and the changes in their neighbourhood. Local policeman Ferry Lockhorst can be seen anywhere: visiting lonely people, discovering well-hidden weed plantations and visiting Uli, the tobacconist, mot only when there are complaints but also because he cannot give up smoking.

Producer / Production company: 
Synchroon filmmakers