Christmas with Dad

Conor McCormack
12 minutes

 Directed by Conor McCormack, "Christmas With Dad" is the story of a young man struggling to define himself through fatherhood. AJ is just 23 years old but already a father to seven children, five from his partner's previous relationships. They live on a sprawling council estate on the outskirts of Bristol: an area plagued by unemployment, drugs and anti-social behaviour, where fewer residents go to university than in any other area of the UK. AJ's tough exterior conceals a sensitive young man, living through some of the defining moments in his life. The family home is full of noise and conflict as seven children compete for space, but amid the chaos young lives are forming. Filmed entirely within the physical setting of home, "Christmas With Dad" follows this most unusual family as they prepare for the festive season and ready themselves for the arrival of an eighth child. With remarkable access and insight, the documentary reveals a young man struggling to define his role as father, haunted by his own childhood and facing up to a very uncertain future.

Producer / Production company: 
Sarah Tierney