DFL171.15 To Be Spent in Africa

Steef Meyknecht
49 minutes

Menno Sypkens Smit has lived in the small village Diatock in Senegal for the past twenty years.

The film shows the background to and the motives for an existence that is far from commonplace. Visiting his parents back home in Holland, we sense though that he hasn't met their expectations.

Menno has involved himself intensely in developing work in Diatock, gaining respect in both Senegal and Holland. Small-scale, self-help and environmental factors are guidelines for his work. He fell in love with Touty, a girl from the village, and married her in 1992. In the film, Menno prepares a lecture about Diatock and delivers it to the local rural women's institute. Touty gives a fashion show, and that night they earn 171 guilders and 15 cents: to be spent in Diatock.

Steef Meyknecht
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