The Right Man at the Right Place

Matthieu Imbert-Bouchard
Cédric Dupire
1 hour and 5 minutes


The film is about Djembeplayer Fadouba Oulare. He is primarily a musician, but also the elder of his clan, soldier, thiefhunter and healer.

When the first president of the independent Guinea-Conakry, pronounced those words, little did he know they would become a catch phrase, a gimmick, a signature. Often, in not always quoted by Fadouba Oulare in the everyday speeches he gives on such various duties as funerals or births, or to simply ease the understanding of his message to the troop of dancers and musicians. Fadouba Oulare is a complex character who accumulates responsibilities, functions and social statuses. At the same time, he is the father of a family of 34 children, a former soldier for the French and later Guinean armies, a head hunter or percussionist of international fame, Fadouba Oulare is above all a 'chieftain'. He is that charismatic person to whom people come to, asking for advice, this man who will know how to clinch the argument in the most delicate situations, this man who is respected because he knew, throughout his life, how to lead his family, his village, his country towards new and better horizons.

The story of Fadouba, from Faranah to Conakry, progressively draws itself, from the narration by the Griot or by his friends, to his representation on the mural paintings of the People's Palace. A powerful, surprising and sometimes tragic tale that however never overtakes this man of action always on the move. An action that he leads within a complex reality where traditional music, military dictatorship, precariousness and animism coexist...