We are alright till now

Vladimir Bocev
1 hour and 8 minutes


A film about the extensive migration from rural Macedonian villages, and the aged inhabitants who are left behind.

A process of so-called industrialization began in Macedonia in the middle of the 1960s. Big industrial complexes built in towns increased the need for manpower and persuaded the rural population to move to towns. The extensive migration considerably affected the Macedonian villages, resulting in their extreme depopulation. Most villages are inhabited mainly by elderly people, who take care of themselves and their properties. Young people have left their native home a long time ago, moving to towns and leaving their parents on their own. In general terms the film reflects the current state of Macedonian villages. Cveta and Dimche, Menka and Blagoja are aged members of two lonely families. They live with the thought that the train arriving at and leaving the village every day would one day bring some of their numerous children and grandchildren to visit them.