Living with the Invisibles

Dirk Dumon
52 minutes


This film is about two Moroccan women living in Europe, who attempt to rid themselves of problems caused by jinn (the 'invisibles' of the film's title).

When they emigrated to Europe in the 60's and 70's, Moroccans brought with them their culture and their 'diseases' ( caused by the the jinn that inhabit some of them). In Europe, most North African families will include someone who is undergoing this kind of disorder, with diverse manifestations (asthma, paralysis, epilepsy, 'crises', sterility etc.) which, if left untreated, may be extremely serious and destructive, causing suffering and delinquent behaviour. In the film we follow two Moroccan women: Hind and Fatima who are looking to solve their problems caused by invisibles. They are visiting healers in Europe and Morocco. The healers 'negotiate' with invisible forces and are using therapeutic rituals.