Enduring Life

Brechtje Boeke
37 minutes


Dagelijkse Kost / Enduring Life

A documentary about an eldrely couple and their daily life.

The Oostveen family lives in a quiet and peaceful street, in the same house where they have lived for 40 years and hope to stay for many more. The man of the house is 89 years old, his wife is two years younger and they have four sons. The eldest son, Rinus, is 57 years old and still living with his parents. Their days are planned following specific routines, in which way, for better or for worse, they entertain and take care of themselves and each other. For example, they are concerned with the preparations for their evening meal during the entire day. The elderly couple as well as their son have specific roles in the household. Outisde of the house, their activities follow patterns that are also as tight as possible. All of this offers them great comfort.