Schneeweisse Schwarznasen

Sylviane Neuenschwander-Gindrat
1 hour and 26 minutes


The film is situated in Eggerberg, a village in the Swiss Alps in the canton of Wallis, where Reinhold and his colleagues live with their families as sheep farmers.The men work shifts at their jobs in modern industry in the valley. What motivates them to take on the arduous task of farming in the Alps during their free time, breeding the Wallis Blacknosed Sheep. It involves competition, social prestige and identity, as well as the differences between generations and the moral obligation to cultivate the land -  our alpine soil - passed on to them by their forefathers.Using the breeders of the typical Valais Black-nose sheep as an example, this film shows the changes in Swiss mountain farming and how the villagers deal with the contrasting requirements of modern life and traditional values.