Punksters & Youngsters

Jouko Aaltonen
1 hour and 30 minutes


Punksters & Youngsters is a documentary that examines punk both as a musical and as a social movement in Finland.Punksters & Youngsters conveys the amazing vitality of punk music and punkers. The 'do it yourself' ethic draws young people to punk the same way it did when this new music style arrived in Finland. Pelle Miljoona, the great dinosaur of Finnish punk, is still going strong, and band members celebrate their 50th birthdays on the tour bus. They have released a new album and are adored by old and new fans alike. Akupunktio is punk. Just like the generation of thirty years ago, the kids today are drawn to shout their message to the world. But the makers of punk music also have other goals in their lives. Punk's power is wide-reaching.

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