Minister without Money

Sandra Welkerling
Bao Waiko
30 minutes


Three years ago, Papua New Guinea held one of its controversial and violent elections.In the cut-throat world of tribal politics, a bitter and betrayed politician fights to expose an election scandal. Former Minister for Education and later Foreign Affairs Dr.John Waiko lost his electoral seat in the coastal region of Oro province and filed a court petition against the newly elected minister of Highlander descent, Peter Oresi. Waiko and his coastal Papuan supporters believe their election was tainted by illegal voting, bribery and voter harassment introduced by Oresi and his immigrant Highlander supporters. The film follows the filmmakers, Bao Waiko and Sandra Welkerling as they try to make sense of Bao's father's one-year quest for justice in this intriguing tale of loyalty and deceit, corruption and revenge.Minister Without Money offers a rare insight into the explosive tribal hostilities and high stakes of election time in a Melanesian culture struggling to balance traditional values with western democratic principles.

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