Honey - Huchi

Martin Gruber
39 minutes


The interdisciplinary research project "The Future Okavango" (TFO) is dedicated to supporting sustainable land use and resource management in the Okavango Basin of the countries Angola, Botswana and Namibia with scientific knowledge. The region under investigation, a system of woodland savannas, floodplains and extended wetlands is of crucial global importance for biological diversity.

The film “Honey” depicts the process of honey production and consumption. It was conceived and shot by a group of villagers from the Cusseque area of Angola for TFO to communicate this important aspects of their use of natural resources and discuss related issues. The participatory film was produced during a workshop facilitated by Martin Gruber of the University of Bremen together with TFO para-ecologist Miguel Hilario in Cusseque in September and October 2013.

Directed & shot by: Adelina Antónia, Martin Gruber, Miguel S. Hilario, Henriques Bino Job, Fatima Jose & Evaristo Quintas