Fransesco Sincich
51 minutes


Lokkol. "l'école". Alwasi et Aikije vont (aussi) à l'école.

Lokkol. "the school". Alwasi and Aikije go (also) to school.

Alwasi and Aikije are two young wodaabe girls aged 12 and 11, and they attend the school of Banganà, in the middle of Niger. They tell us how this school was born and talk about their future thanks to it. Lokkol wants to show the everyday life of the wodaabe girls with their days cadenced by the work which are up to them at home. The Wodaabe are nomadic herders of zebus, and they are known for their dances. The most famous among them is the gerewol, a symbolic war between two different lineages where two girls choose the most beautiful boy. Lokkol shows it too. At the end, Aikije, who is also called Dammaduru, that is “little fragile thing” because at birth she was very minute, tells us, proudly, that she is the top of the class...