Football from Below - One Season with Genclikspor

Daniel Huhn
1 hour and 36 minutes

Weltklasse Kreisklasse - Eine Saison bei Genclikspor

'Football From Below' gives an insight in the world of Genclikspor, a Turkish football club, situated in Recklinghausen (Ruhr-Valley, Germany). This area shows all assumed symptoms of an underdeveloped  neighborhood: abandoned storefronts, decrepit buildings and a high proportion of migrants. But they do not just bring kebab stands but breeze fresh life into the neighborhood – above all else through “their” football club. The spotlight is not primarily on sporting events and developments. It rather focuses on club life off the pitch. Here we meet Marko, general manager living 100% for “his” club; Rahim, seeking for a regular position in the team and for a way to propose to his girlfriend; and Canan who is responsible for passing on math and German in the club and not just football skills. This film accompanies these and other protagonists in and around the club over the course of a season. By this we do not just get a deep insight in the significance of local football club in this area but also in the vital Turkish community in this part of Germany.

Producer / Production company: 
Daniel Huhn / Fietscher Film
Winfried Bettmer