O Fisherman, my Old man!

Amaya Sumpsi
58 minutes

Meu pescador, meu velho - O Fisherman, my Old man!

At 2005 Carnival’s night, something mysterious happens at the bay of Porto Formoso, in Azores Islands, leaving the fishing boats wrecked. Next morning, the population believes that what happened was a consequence of the deadly Indonesian Tsunami that took place two months before, thousands of miles away.  With institutional support, fishermen build themselves two bigger ships, but at the village’s small and natural harbor, it is almost impossible to deck them.  Fishermen then demand the construction of a new and bigger concrete harbor, but many inhabitants are opposed due to the natural value of the landscape and to a castle’s ruins that lay there. If to some residents the natural landscape and the ruins look worthless, for many more they are the village’ soul and future, as a lot of tourists would like to come to visit them… Can tourism be compatible with other economic activities, or annuls them by turning places into show stages?  Which is the community’s weight in the decision processes? As time goes on, the landscape of this community transforms, and so does the life and thoughts of its habitants. Following the director´s voice, we follow the story of the last 7 years of this community.