Po thi

Eisuke Yanagisawa
Vincenzo Della Ratta
33 minutes


'Pơ thi' is the biggest of the death rituals and ceremonies of the Jarai ethnic group. They believe that when someone dies, his or her Spirit is not able to rejoin the ancestors. Only after 'Pơ thi' has been celebrated, the Spirit will be able to reach its final destination in the “Village of the Spirits”. Shot in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, this movie summarizes the most significant moments of the “Pơ thi” ritual, from its preparation till the end of the celebration. Parades of disguised figures, animal sacrifices, gong music and dances are performed by the living to please the Spirits of the dead, and to release them from all earthly bonds. Apart from allowing viewers to witness a fascinating traditional ritual, this movie shows us how such traditions continue to exist in the context of modern Vietnam.