My Home is an Island

Antonio Joao Saraiva
1 hour and 14 minutes


A minha terra é uma ilha - My Home is an Island

José Sousa was born in Pedro Miguel, Faial Island, Azores. He worked for 50 years in Los Gatos Racket Club in Califonia, where he received a new name and identity. Joe Sousa was his new name. He left his homeland in 1958 after the Capelinhos volcano with a very clear goal: save dollars to buy the best land in his parish. What would happen three years later, despite earning just $ 1.50 an hour. He bought the property and sold it a few years later and never returned to the "old land", a designation that he uses to refer to his dear Faial. He knows very well every small place in the island and can identify them on the world map he made himself. He never "left" Faial. However, he learned English and wanted to belong to this New World. " I live here , I also want to belong in this place," he tells us.

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