Making Home

Anna Laine
35 minutes


This film is a collaboration between Anna Laine and five artists based in the UK: Reginald S. Aloysius, Hari Rajaledchumy, Anushiya Sundaralingam, Sabes Sugunasabesan and Arunthathi Ratnaraj. It conveys how the artists investigate their Tamil Sri Lankan background and current plural belonging through their art practice, how their working processes of dialectic movements between accommodating themselves and creating disruptions take individual as well as shared forms.

The complexity of the artists’ positions has been explored by means of direct improvisations and constructed settings in London, Belfast and Jaffna, over a period of one and a half years. Laine’s experiences in art practice combined with the artists’ own investigations of their sense of belonging destabilized the boundary between researcher and researched during the process. Shared interests and methodologies influenced how relationships and knowledge evolved and they inform the composition of this audiovisual presentation. In order to transfer the multiple layers of the participants’ art making and everyday lives in the film, sounds and images merge, clash and dissolve through the form of a split screen.