Google A Religion

Joanna Sleigh
5 minutes

Google is more than just a search engine. Today it is a company that offers products and services beyond search that are geared towards an individuals needs. From Google Maps, Google Scholar, Google Drive, Google Translate, Gmail, Google News, Google Earth, Youtube, to the browser Chrome, as well as the mobile and computer devices themselves. Google is effectively breaching the gap between the real world (RW) and virtual world (VW) integrating itself into the daily lives of Internet users. Given this ubiquity it is not surprising that Google has become engaged in the realm of religion. This is what this film is about, The Church of Google, an online community, not officially associated with Google, that believes ‘Google is the closest thing to a god that can be scientifically proven’ (

Producer / Production company: 
Freie Universität Berlin
North America: