Ran Muratsu
28 minutes


This film focuses on the daily life of Paul, a man who is considered tohossou (tɔxɔsu), a deity of the indigenous Vodun religion in the Republic of Benin, West Africa. Children born with mental or physical disabilities tend to be thought as tohossou, and perceived both as deities and humans at the same time. People sometimes make fun of tohossou, but they also respect them and care for them, while also giving offerings. By following Paul, this film explores the ways in which tohossou live in this ambiguity between deity/sacred and human/profane, as well as how they are integrated in the Vodun community through social interactions. Their way of being can be of inspiration to societies which pursue social inclusion after a history of discrimination against or segregation of disabled people.


Ran Muratsu
Producer / Production company: 
Ran Muratsu