Among Houses and the Cosmos

Kostana Banovic
1 hour


Among houses and the Cosmos is an assemblage of multiple narratives about living spaces and beliefs, that sets across many different countries. The film researches as well as experientially evokes the intensified moments of daily life and the (religious) ritual. This journey is simultaneously research and poetry, the film is also a story about the human necessity to impose meaningful patterns on life and being.

Short biography/filmography of the director: Koštana Banović is artist and independent filmmaker. She was born in Sarajevo in former Yugoslavia. She holds MA in Fine Art and currently teaches at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design of the University of Arts in Utrecht, in the Netherlands. Throughout her oeuvre – drawings, performances, movies – taking part in and researching the ritual as a means of getting in touch with oneself and others is a recurring element in her work. Her research addresses the interaction between experimental and ethnographic film practice, in the essay film genre, while also considering video as a performative tool.

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