The cultural journey to Timbuktu

Marco Romano
52 minutes


This musical documentary reflects the importance of culture and music in a country like Mali. Its populations and economy have been torn apart by a war that's not theirs to fight. How can a peaceful country with an incredible cultural heritage like Mali get destabilised in such a short time? What are the effect on the people and the long standing culture?

Short biography/filmography of the director:

Marco Romano - Musicien, Réalisateur, Producteur, Expert de Culture-Music-Tourism Marco Romano is a Swiss Italian who has setup his independent audio-visual Label "Roadmusic Productions" in Bamako, Mali. Roadmusic productions has released 11 Music Albums. He has worked with different Malian artists. At the present he is working as a music producer and documentarist-filmmaker. Through a network of local artists, his aim to revive the cooperation between the tourism and music industry in Mali. Exporting their rich cultural heritage to American, European and Asian audiences would stimulate a redevelopment for global musical platforms around the world. As a music therapist Marco Romano considers culture an important part of a healthy society. He has filmed his first documentary in 2013-2015, "The Cultural Journey to Timbuktu".