Lukomir, my home

Manca Filak
Žiga Gorišek
1 hour and 2 minutes


Lukomir is the village with the highest altitude (1472 m above sea level) in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is located on the southern slopes of the mountain massif Bjelašnica. Despite the outward migration of the population and the increase in tourism in the last decades the transhumant pastoralism remains one of the main economies in the villages of Bjelašnica. Transhumance and seasonal migration of families and their flocks of sheep characterize the life of their residents. The life of the villagers could roughly be divided into a summer life on Bjelašnica and a winter season in lower settlements in the vicinity of Sarajevo, such as Hadžići, Iliđa, Tarčin, Pazarić, etc.

Lukomir, My Home is an ethnographic film that was in the making from April 2014 until May 2017. It portrays a visual ethnography of an older couple’s everyday life. The authors of the film lived with Hismet and Tidža in different periods and seasons. They accompany the couple while they carry out most of their everyday chores in Lukomir and Hadžići as well as when they release the sheep into the valley and when they return to Lukomir.