In search of the shaman

Pierre Boccanfuso
1 hour and 35 minutes

In one of the last remote regions of the Philippines, on the Palawan Island, Medsinu, a medicine man and judge of common law, looks after his community, often by calling upon the spirit of his father, the former shaman. Caught up by illness, Medsinu dies to the dismay of Palawan people. After his death, an event disrupts this peaceful community. They try to stop the brutal changes by increasing the number of meetings. Issad, a native Palawan, is active in these meetings. Meanwhile, the older sister of Issad becomes ill. Distraught, Issad and his family are in search of someone to look after her. The care is ineffective. Issad is still worried by the health of her sister. His family keep looking for a shaman to look after her.

Pierre Boccanfuso
Producer / Production company: 
Copsi Video Production and Tabang Ko Dimu
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