Zai Yiqi 在一起 - Together

Ningtong (Nina) Wang
1 hour and 7 minutes

Old age, illness and death are writ large in all our fates. Many moments of farewell await. Sometimes sudden ones. How can you be ready for those, and can you avoid having too many regrets? This documentary follows anthropologist Luo Hongguang at his 102-year-old mother's side, as well as "Together"'s director Wang Ningtong (Nina) as she witnesses her cancer-stricken father's last few months. They focus an unsparing lens on each other as they approach issues like old-age support in the home and end-of-life care. As they explore each other's boundary looking into themselves and each other, the wall starts to break down between observer and subject.

Producer / Production company: 
SUSTech School of Humanities and Social Sciences Media Lab