July Boys

Gautam Sonti
30 minutes


The film is part of the film series Coding Culture: Bangalore's Software Industry.

July Boys focuses on small `startup´ company in Bangalore that designs and produces software products for cellular services providers in Europe and the U.S. Turning the tables on the usual outsourcing story, July Systems has leveraged U.S.-based venture capital and Indian technical expertise to break into the latest high-tech markets. The film explores the creation of a Silicon Valley-style work culture within this `cross-border´ company that has one leg in Bangalore and the other in Santa Clara, California. It also highlights the emergence of new kinds of identities (global, trans-national, cosmopolitan) that incorporate and transcend pre-existing identities such as the national (Indian) and the regional (Tamil). But the narratives of the film's characters reveal a tension between their assumed global subjectivity and their nationalist pride in July's achievements as a company founded and run by Indians that makes `cutting edge products for the global market.


Carol Upadhya