Henna leu' dd

Heikki Huttu-Hiltunen
25 minutes

Henna Mäki is a fourteen-year-old Skolt Sámi girl from the northernmost Lapland near the border of Norway and Russia. About half of all of the Skolt Sámi live in the village of Lake Sevetti. Henna is one the very few youngsters who continue with the ancient singing tratidion, leu’dd. Henna practices leu’dds listening to old tapes with her grandfather Elias and aunt Tyyne. They travel across the border to Norway to perform to tourists. At the same time Henna is also a modern young woman; like everyone else at her age, she loves pop-music and is interested in snowboarding and snowmobiles. She also likes traveling itself. It seems as so the tradition of leu’dd will continue in the future as well. Henna knows how to combine the different roles in her life.

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