Rock Paper Scissors

Ulla Turunen
1 hour and 17 minutes


A film about North Karelian industrial workers in the midst of structural change in Finland.

The post-war generation in Finland has devoted their life to work and a battle for a better tomorrow. Everyone cannot retire healthy and only the toughest individuals are able to leave the work behind as they pass the plant's gates. One day the time seems to be a common motto.

Rock-Paper-Scissors depicts the everyday of industrial buisnesses that have grown around Lake Pielinen and that are now threatened by globalisation and structural change. Lassi provides for his family by working in a quarry, Topi and Vesa are old union activists and shop stewards in a pulp factory, and Anja and Leila are seamstresses whose work is in native place and their belief in happiness brought on by work and comradeship. Filmed in Juuka, Eno and Nurmes during the years 2000-2002.

Ilkka Ruuhijärvi