Nuba, Pure People

Tomo Kriznar
Maja Weiss
1 hour and 4 minutes


The Nuba Mountains are natural granite fortresses in the savannahs of South Kordofan in Sudan, and have throughout history provided shelter for various African peoples running away from slave hunters. The harsh natural conditions are probably the reason why the tribes living in the Nuba Mountains never established any institutions or social hierarchies. Instead of being led by tyrants, they gathered around the village sages who take care of peace, heal the sick and make rain. Rather than developing a material civilisation, the Nuba cherish the fertile life power and the great Secret which, they believe, is responsible for the life of the universe, and therefore nourishes everything that exists: plants, animals and humans.

The Nuba Mountains not only preserved the primordial Africa, but also original human sensitivity and democracy, and are therefore a unique phenomenon.

Producer / Production company: 
Bela Film