The Mystery Mountain

Villant Ndasowa
30 minutes


This is a story of how and why people disappear on Mount Mulanje in Malawi and the reactions and beliefs of those who are seeing it happen.What the local Manganja and Lomwe people believe is vastly different to the theories of others, who have become involved in the mystery, since others people including westerners started disappearing here as well. This documentary investigates on how and why people vanish on Mulanje mountain and hear the stories of the people who have disappeared and returned. We hear from the people who have been involved in the mysteries and elsers among the Lomwe and Manganja tribes.The documentary follows the path of a Dutch woman Linda Pronk who went missing on the peak in 2003 and no trace of her has ever been found. It also compares the mythical explainations of many about the sudden disappearance of people and how the same events can be cast in two completely different lights according to the culture from which you come from.

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