The Future Okavango - Participatory Filmmaking

Martin Gruber
Robert Mukuya
Miguel Sachilulo Hilario
1 hour and 45 minutes


Liparu Lyetu - Our Life  (Namibia) 32 min. 2011

Sephiri sa Tikologo ya Rona - The Secret of Our Environment (Botswana) 34 min. 2013

Huchi - Honey (Angola) 39 min. 2013 

The interdisciplinary research project "The Future Okavango" (TFO) investigates sustainable land use and resource management in the Okavango Basin of Angola, Namibia and Botswana. Three participatory films were produced in collaboration with rural dwellers from the project's core research sites in order to communicate their knowledge and share their perspectivities with the project's stakeholders as well as to broader audiences. The films show different aspacts of natural resource use and discuss related issues. They were produced during workshops organised by anthropologist Martin Gruber (University of Bremen) together with the local TFO members Robert Mukuya (Namibia, Meshack Kwamovo (Botwswana) and Miguel Sachilulo Hilario (Angola).