Tama Gaun - the Copper Village

Frode Storaas
Dipesh Kharel
1 hour and 37 minutes


In Okharbot village of Western Nepal a few persons still know the age-old traditional practise of mining, smelting and casting of copper. The copper has a number of symbolic meanings and economic aspects connected to exchange and healing properties, as well as being the Hindu god Shiva.The complex caste system of Nepal, although abolished, still structures the lives of most people. The untouchable smiths, the Kami, produce one of the purest metals in Hindu cosmology.The film follows Ujir, the foreman, who guides the steps of the mining and smelting. During the smelting work the festival of Dassain takes place. The festival is part of the social and cultural context of the traditional smelting process of copper shown in the film.

Nils Anfinset
Man Bahadur Khattri
Om Gurung